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 Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a way to verify a person’s identity using two different factors. For example, using both your password   and a one-time passcode sent to your mobile device to sign in is more secure than using only your password.


 What does this mean for you

  • The first time you log on to your online account after September 23, you will be asked to update your online profile.

  • During that process, you will be asked to authorize a One-Time Passcode and then you will be prompted to set a password for your account.

  • The update process should take less than 10 minutes to complete. I’m including instructions to help you walk through the update process. 2FA Enrollment Guide - Existing User  

 After this initial profile update, you will only be prompted to receive a One-Time Passcode when you perform certain activities which

 have higher fraud risks, like updating your contact information, changing your password, or transferring funds.


 Steps you can take today for a smooth transition

  1. Verify the phone number in your online account profile is accurate.

    1. To do this, visit [insert firm specific website] and log on to your account as you would normally.

    2. Once logged in, under the Customer Service menu, select Contact Information.

    3. If the phone number is correct on your profile no action is needed.  

    4. To edit or add a number, click the plus + icon and enter your phone number, including the area code.

    5. Click Save.

    6. If you don’t need to do any other activity on your account, click Sign Off.

  2. If you run into trouble updating your phone number, reach out to my office at [insert phone number]. I will see to it that we get the

      correct phone number updated on your account.

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